Most people avoid clogged drains until something happens and a foul smell gets into their house. So a little maintenance is necessary which can go a long way. It's important to have regular drain maintenance if you do a little preventative maintenance. Here are the Benefits of regular drain maintenance.

Reduce pipe blockage

The reduction in the frequency with which your pipes become clogged or blocked is the most evident advantage of routine drain cleaning. While pipe obstructions that result in a clogged toilet or decreased shower water pressure are certainly familiar to you, a more severe clog can seriously harm your drainage system. By allowing solid waste to build up in your pipes, you run the risk of a pipe breaking or a clogged sewer line, both of which are expensive problems to repair.

Prevent Leaks

Inside the drain pipe, the corrode may be caused by a buildup of chemical deposits. Clean your pipes on a routine basis to prevent leaks from forming. This is the best way to extend the life of existing pipes so there is no need to pay the higher expense to replace your existing drain pipes.

Eliminate odor

If your sink is not draining properly and you leave behind remnants of food then the smell comes with it. Unwanted trash can build up and sit in your pipes when your drains go uncleaned for a long time. The smells from this undesired garbage would inevitably enter your home through your drains. To prevent your house from smelling bad, be sure you clear your drains once a week.

Common signs of a clogged drain

If your toilet is bubbling

Water backs up to your sink, shower, and bathtub

Slow water drain from sink, bathtub, and shower

Bad odor is coming out

Water coming out of a cleanout

Why should you hire licensed plumbers in your home?

Plumbers will ensure that clean water is flowing through your home and it requires the proper knowledge of drain, water, sewer, and gas lines. Moreover, the ability to manipulate mechanics in incredibly small places is required. Self-handling these tasks can result in significant issues later on. To fix the sewage, you could have to tear up flooring, suffer water damage, or ruin your backyard. It's really important to understand the importance of hiring a licensed plumber to repair broken pipes.

Here is the reason

Licensed plumbers prioritize safety

Guarantee high-quality work

Save time and money

DIY vs professional drain cleaning

DIY drain cleaning

Most do-it-yourself drain cleaning methods only need a few affordable tools and supplies that are readily available at hardware stores or online.

Some common do-it-yourself methods include snaking, plunging, and the use of chemical drain cleaners.

The fundamental method is known as plunging uses a plunger to create suction and drive air into the drain.

This can improve water flow and get rid of little obstacles. By using a flexible metal wire with a hook at the end, or snake, obstacles are removed.

This method may be used to successfully remove hair, food, and other debris. Using chemical drain cleaners is another DIY option, but these can be damaging to pipes and eventually cause them to fail.

Professional drain cleaning

Employing expert services has several advantages, including knowledge, security, and they know preventative measures to avoid clogs.

By using specialized tools and equipment, such as hydro jetting and camera inspections, expert services may effectively remove obstacles and avert subsequent issues.

The hydro jetting technique removes deposits and dirt from pipelines by using high-pressure water. This method can be used to remove tough impediments like grease and roots.

Camera inspections are another skillful method that can locate the cause of obstacles, such as tree roots or structural damage. These methods can assist in maintaining clear drains and assisting in avoiding upcoming clogs.

However, using professional drain cleaning services has certain disadvantages. In general, they cost more than do-it-yourself options.